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Initial Consultation

About 30 min.

Let’s get to know each other. You likely have questions. I will too! I’ll use this time to learn about your needs, your current wardrobe obstacles and goals, and generally get a feel for what your style situation is. I’ll answer any questions you have about the process, my services, or my philosophy on why I believe dressing right is so important. Call me up to schedule this relaxed, no-obligation information-gathering session. I’d love to talk with you about looking and feeling your best.

Hourly services

Minimum 2 hours

Closet audit

This is the dirty work of cultivating a workable wardrobe. I’ll dive right in and help you assess the pieces in your closet. We’ll go piece by piece, choosing what to keep, toss, tailor or consign. I’ll make assessments based on your body-type, coloring, lifestyle, and personality and we’ll talk through the choices we make. I am decisive about what works and what doesn’t and want you to end up only with pieces that flatter you, work together, and allow you to look and feel your best. We’ll do a bit of styling too, where I’ll give you new ideas for how to use garments you do keep. At the end of a Closet Audit you will be left with organized bags designating what to toss, tailor and consign and a closet cleared of any item preventing you from looking your best.

Closet remix

On to the fun part! The closet re-mix is where I shop your closet to come up with fresh new ways of working with garments and accessories you already have. I am a natural idea generator and will show you how to create new looks to keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting. My goal is always to help you stretch your existing wardrobe and offer many different ways you can wear each piece. We’ll talk about how to use color, print, layering and accessories to give your outfits depth and interest. As always, I will tailor each new look to best suit your unique shape, coloring and lifestyle. After a Closet Remix, clients often report feeling as if they just came home from a shopping spree and are seeing through new eyes!

Closet cleanup

Different from the Closet Audit, this service is all about organization. Feeling overwhelmed by the current state of your closet? Chances are, you need to re-think your organizational system. Give me time and I’ll give you a clean and organized closet that makes sense for your lifestyle and maximizes the space you have. Be present for the organizational fun, or set me loose and let me do it for you!

All appointments are open to flexibility and can be completely customized to suit your needs. Just ask!

Shopping assistance

This is where we shop together. Have a special event or professional development opportunity that requires just the right look? Need help updating an out-of-date wardrobe or just want to learn what’s right for you in general? Allow me to be your guide. Shopping with me is a breeze and often quite fun. I’ll show you where to spend and save, direct you towards cuts and colors that will be most flattering, and work within your budget to create a cohesive wardrobe which reflects your personal style.

Shopping for you

Hate to shop or just don’t have time? Set me loose and I’ll do it for you. We’ll discuss your needs, goals and preferences ahead of time and I’ll take it from there. I am intimately acquainted with what complements the coloring and body-type of each client and will make selections based on what I think will be best for you. I’ll use my style know-how and knack for finding interesting pieces to shop with you in mind. Afterwards, I’ll bring my treasured finds straight to your home where you can decide what to keep. I’ll even handle returns of items you don’t love! Easy Peasy.

Style parties

Get your friends together and host a Style Party! These 2 hour parties allow you to soak up the tips and tricks of personal style with all your best pals. I’ll come to you armed with a rack of clothes and loads of ideas to educate each party participant on how to dress for their shape, age and lifestyle. Super girly, super fun. Email for details and costs.

Commercial events

Are you a retailer looking for a stylist for a special event? Ladybird has experience prepping for shopping events and offering customers a new take on how to shop during promotions. Past clients include SAKS 5th Ave Off 5th, The Foundry Big & Tall Supply Co., and The Westfield Mall. Email for details. Let’s work together!

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Why should Kansas City have all the fun? Ladybird services are available to those outside the Kansas City area, but a mileage fee may apply to locations further than 25 miles from Ladybird headquarters.