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Initial Consultation + Lab Tour

About 30 min.

Let’s get to know each other. We need to know your history before we can start dreaming up your style future. We’ll ask you about your experience with clothing, shopping and how it feels to be you. We’ll talk about your obstacles and goals style-wise and then walk you through our process, share our secret formula for nailing your personal style, and give you a tour of The Lab, where we offer a private, client-tailored, comfortable styling experience. Here's a list of questions and concerns that often come up in an Initial Consultation. If you’re feeling nervous, you’re not alone!

Ladybird Services

Some services have a 2-hour minimum, see below.

Style Lab Experiment

The “Style Experiment” is the first step in the Ladybird Process. During this appointment, you will be guided through an experience designed to determine once and for all—with alarming accuracy!—what elements work for you and against you in your clothing. Though your body-type, lifestyle and budget may change over time, the elements of design that work for you will not. We’ll test the elements of color, print, texture, shape, silhouette, and shine to see what sticks. And when you leave you’ll know what works, what doesn’t, and why. You will also receive additional information including a color card, links to style inspiration boards and ideas for hair and makeup.

2-5 hours at The Style Lab | 2 hour minimum

Experiment for Two

This experience is designed for two people who know one another well. You will be guided through the Style Experiment together, sharing in the the life-changing magic of learning your individual styles at the same time. Perfect for mother/daughters or good pals, this experience is both memorable and fun. Just as your knowledge of yourself will deepen, so too will your understanding of your companion.

2-5 hours at The Style Lab | $95 per hour, per person, 2 hour minimum

Ladybird Define Appointment

The Define Appointment is where we’ll dig into the details and define what makes your style unique. We’ll address how to filter your lifestyle, budget, body type, and style leanings through your corner. This is the time to sharpen and specialize your style, and further hone in on what makes you and your styling unique. You can bring clothes from your closet to us, or we’ll come to you.

1-4 hours at The Style Lab or in Client's Closet

Ladybird Dismiss Appointment

We’ll come to you and together we’ll address your closet. If you have questions about what should stay and what should be dismissed, we’ll guide you. A Ladybird Stylist will show up with trash bags and moxie, providing the momentum needed to cull through your closet and get things ship shape. Our experience with closets is vast—nothing scares us! Estimated duration is dependent upon size of closet and pace of client.

1-5 hours in Client's Closet

Closet Remix

Unsure of how to work with what you’ve already got? No problemo. A Ladybird Stylist will come to your closet (or you can bring your closet to us at The Lab!) to help you mix and match your clothing to create head to toe outfits from what you already have. We’ll take pictures along the way so you’re sure to remember. This service can also be done at the same time as your Dismiss Appointment. Note: the Ladybird Style Experiment is required before we can help you with a Closet Remix.

1-3 hours in Client's Closet or at The Style Lab

Shopping Assistance

While the Style Lab is designed to be a comprehensive shopping experience, if you’d still like assistance out in the world, we can help. Maybe you’re shopping for a special occasion? We’re ready. A Ladybird stylist will either meet you at the mall, or we can shop for you and bring our selections to the Style Lab, to try on in the comfort of our private dressing rooms.

2-5 hours in-store or at The Style Lab

This service usually requires a stylist to “pre-pull” so a dressing room is stocked and ready for you, and this time will be included in your invoice.

Ladybird Box Service

Want awesome clothes and accessories delivered right to your door? Once you’ve done the Style Experiment, you can try on items and decide from home. You’ll tell us your desired budget per item, approximately how many items you’d like to receive along with any other special notes, and your stylist will assemble the perfect box with you in mind. You will also receive photos indicating how to wear the items in your box. We like to give you options, so we’ll always show you more than one way to wear something. You can choose to receive a Clothing Only Box, a Clothing and Accessories Box, or an Accessories Only box.

Monthly, Seasonally, Yearly, or à la carte. We deliver to your door, you have 1 week to return anything you don't want and we bill you for the rest.

Group Events at the Lab

Want to visit the Lab with all your best pals? Looking for something meaningful to do with a few members of your family? Needing to up the ante in terms of professionalism at your business or firm? Group Events at the Lab can be reserved and planned according to your group's specific needs. Contact us for details and an estimate on pricing.

Up to seven people at a time.

Wish List Gifting (free!)

Once you’ve visited the Lab and have your Experiment Results, we’ll know what you like. If you sign up for our Wish List service, we’ll keep in touch with the people in your life who, on special holidays and milestones, might want to give you a gift you’ll really like! We’ll keep track of items you’ve had your eye on, or help them select something we think you might enjoy.

The Ladybird Man

Ladybird works with men too and all the same rules apply. All of our services are available for men, the only difference is that we do not meet with men in the Lab. Instead all appointments are conducted in store, where there is the greatest variety of inventory.

The Whole Shebang

Personalized and adjustable. Learn more.

The Whole Shebang is the complete package. Designed to be a no-holds-barred life-changer, it’s perfect for anyone looking to make a real and lasting change to their appearance. This is where we pull out all the stops, get our whole team on-board, and give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience guaranteed to change the way you see yourself. As one client put it, “It’s like a positive ‘What Not to Wear’ on steroids!” Learn more about what’s included.

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Ladybird gift cards are the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or for anyone going through a major life transition. Know someone who needs a style boost? Here's how it works…

Step 1: Decide what service you'd like and get in touch. You can use our contact form or contact Ladybird Styling at or (816) 599-4325. We can also help steer you to the service that seems most appropriate. Just let us know how we can help!

Step 2: You'll receive a gift card in a letter pressed mini envelope all ready for you to fill out.

Step 3: We'll drop it in the mail along with the invoice and you're all set!

Not in Kansas City? No problem!

Why should Kansas City have all the fun? Ladybird services are available to those outside the Kansas City area, but a mileage fee may apply to locations further than 25 miles from Ladybird headquarters.